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Perlite expansion furnace Market Analysis

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Perlite expansion furnace organic insulation material itself combustible malpractice and construction management of major issues in recent years, resulting in building insulation engineering several fires caused tremendous damage to the people of pepole property, also created an extremelybad social impact, the relevant departments of the CPC Central Committee, State Council and the Government attaches great importance to the Ministry of Public Security, 2011, No. 65, the text "further clarify the civil construction wall insulation material fire Management" clearly defined, building energy-saving insulation worksYou can not use the A level below the flammable insulation material.
    These factors Ying won a huge market opportunity for inorganic non-combustible insulation material. Perlite product as a Class A non-combustible inorganic insulation materials, the market demand in 2011, the expansive growth. Experts predict that, as perlite product of one of the glass beads products is its unique light weight, thermal insulation, fireproofing, sound-absorbing and other advantages for the construction put on a "fire-proof clothing, the market will Huojin price Yang, a shortage situation.
    In recent years, the development of perlite market soon, the building materials industry, scientific and technical personnel, the application of modern processing technology, science and technology research, develop new products glass beads, not only to retain the characteristics of the original product, and greatly reduces water absorption compressive strength significantly improve an inorganic non-combustible new materials, environmental protection and energy saving, suitable for building insulation.
    The construction market driven, the perlite industry economic indicators rose sharply in 2011, the annual industrial output value of 90 billion yuan, sales income of 9.42 billion yuan, 2.5 million tons of ore production to 10 million cubic meters of expanded perlite, glass silk beads of 15 million cubic meters, perlite insulation board of 10 million square meters, 24 million square meters of perlite fireproof door core, filter aid, 100,000 tons, due to changes in building energy-saving insulation materials fire performance requirements, the market demand for the material conducive perlite product sales, industry sales booming unprecedented situation.



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