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    Xinyang Baozi Environmental Protection Equipment Co. , Ltd. known as Xinyang Pingqiao leopard, perlite equipment manufacturer, is mainly engaged in a perlite expansion furnace and dust removal equipment design, development, production and sales in one of the private enterprises.
    Pingqiao District, Xinyang City in Henan Province, Zhongshan Shop, the registered capital of 300 million yuan, the real capital of more than seven million yuan, the company has 165 employees, 25 engineers and technicians, including 8 senior engineers, factory area of ​​20,000 square meters, more than ten thousand square standardization workshop, with a variety of precision CNC machine tools dozens of various cutting, stamping, riveting and welding equipment more than 100 sets, three flight vehicles, capable of processing various GB parts and non-standard parts , is currently the largest sets of expanded perlite furnace manufacturers, the products not only occupy more than 97% share in the domestic and export to foreign markets.
    With the support of the strength of the company continues to expand and the state environmental protection industry, I follow the market continue to increase investment in the development of environmental protection equipment, has independently developed and produced a multi-tube buck precipitators, bag pulse dust collector, which I produced multi-tube buck precipitator also obtained national patent (patent number: ZL201010526632.3), I form a multi-tube dust over two hundred sets, the annual production capacity of more than 100 sets of bag pulse dust collector, multi-tube precipitator of a single process air volume of 8000 cubic meters / hour, bag filter a single process air volume of 12,000 cubic meters / hour, I plant the production precipitator applications has reached more than 95% of the national production of expanded perlite, both protection of the environment gave customers bring economic benefits, and by the praise and recognition of the environmental protection department of the customer! Companies and domestic well-known universities to establish a long-term partnership, and to continue to explore the path of a combination of scientific research and production, scientific research achievements into productive forces, so as to better benefit the people!
    I adhere to the "efficient, energy-saving products, the quality of service provided to customers," the purpose, sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to come to negotiate and consulting!

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